Free tracks from wonky electronic music producer, Slugabed
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Slugabed has released his newest 5 track EP, This Is A Warning, for free. If you're looking for more of his wonky electronic/hip-hop stuff, you can also grab his remixes of Busta Rhymes, Leon Ware and Kankick for free.

Slugabed a moniker used by Greg Feldwick, picked from his past as a lay-about teen. While he's not exactly prolific now, he isn't sitting still.

His first material was released back in 2008, producing a track (YouTube) for Stacy Epps and having his remix of Rick James (free MP3 mix/podcast) played in a mixCD/podcast. That remix was semi-officially released the next year, along with a split EP (Bandcamp) and a single (side b; both on YouTube).

In 2010, his first solo EP was released on Planet Mu, in which he "wanders like an overexcited child through a forest of Easter eggs; haphazardly jumping off the beaten path, checking every hiding place." He also released another split EP (Bandcamp) on the Donkey Pitch label.

Slugabed joined the Ninja Tune crew, and in 2011 he started releasing solely for that label, with his well-received Moonbeam Rider EP (Grooveshark), which some saw as fitting of a computer game or film soundtrack. "Something that would feel right at home in a Final Fantasy game," though Feldwick once said his music was more like laser battles from the future. His second Ninja Tune EP featured a rather glitchy appearing music video, similar in some ways to the music video for Moonbeam Rider. Both are also fitting of his music production, as he's still using the same copy of Fruity Loops that he had when he started making music as a teenager, though he does have some analog synthesizers.

The music video from his debut album, Time Team (YouTube seven-song "sampler") finds the "dirty funk" of the first single from the album paired with more polished visuals. The album shows off the skills of Slugabed as a master of the "the evolving sound of space-age hip-hop."

Most recently, Slugabed remixed a track for Danish producer ELOQ, who returned the favor on Slugabed's new, free EP.
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Title track: should have started with "This is a test, this is only a test."

a million years ago, I sold jokes to radio DJs, including some rather obvious 'This Is A Test' parodies:
"This is a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this were an actually emergency, you would have been instructed to PANIC."
"This is only a test. If this had been a final exam, you would've been instructed to keep your textbooks closed..."
"This is only a test. You may stop the bleeding as soon as we have collected a sample."
"This is a test of the Normal Broadcasting System, just in case you've forgotten what it's like."

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His remix of Roots Manuva's "Witness" is a banger and (dare I say?) better than the original.
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Thanks for this, I've really enjoyed his past work.

It always makes me excited when artists put music on Bandcamp, I love that they let you choose the format.
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I'd been wondering what else was out there that was similar to Rustie as I've been listening to Glass Swords recently, and this fits the bill very nicely. Many thanks!
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Ooh, neat! I'm a big fan of his Planet Mu ep. Really good stuff.
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