Maybe the best comic about a coroner you dreamed of reading this week.
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Quincy, M.E. + Inception + St. Peter + Reservoir Dogs II + a cameo appearance by Snake 'n' Bacon + some other stuff = Michael Kupperman's new online comic book thingy (because Houghton Mifflin decided publishing this story would be too legally risky) "Quinception"

More Kupperman...

Previously here: S&B, the Whatsisname Collection

"Moon 69: The True Story of the 1969 Moon Launch" from Tales Designed to Thrizzle #8 (both the story and the issue are nominated for Eisner Awards)

The Spoily Brats (a partially-published series presented here closer to its entirety)

"The Official New York City Police Detective Book of Murder Scene Quips" (note: it's NEW YORK Police, so DON'T even think about Roger Daltrey screaming "YEAAAAH" while reading these)

From TV Funhouse: Pablo Picasso: His Amazing Life, Captain Marginal

Miscellaneous Comics, Magazine Cartoons (including some New Yorker rejects) and much much more at his Squarespace Site.

His Tumblr, where it is often hard to tell the difference between 'found items' and his own creations.

And A Big Think Interview so you can see the man behind the Snake & Bacon & Quincy & otherstuff.
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I think Quinception did appear in an issue of Tales Designed to Thrizzle, it was just that it had to be replaced with a different Kupperman piece in the Best American Comics anthology for this year.
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Quinception was delightful. Though I am not entirely sure I did not dream it.
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I'm pretty sure I didn't. I'm certain my feet are supposed to be dogs.
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Rev. Syung Myung Me is correct. I stand corrected. In your dreams.
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I saw Kupperman perform 'Quinception' (using Powerpoint & doing the voices) recently at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF). He had everyone, including me, rolling in the aisles. SO. DAMN. FUNNY!
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I love Kupperman so much. And he tastes like fever.
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I just came here to make this post (basically) after spending the morning on Kupperman Country and wondering if he'd showed up here lately. I love, love, love Michael Kupperman.
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