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Captioning Stories Real-time captioners worked nonstop during and after the bombing. “What was so challenging about captioning live television coverage of the September 11 terrorist attack was that the emotional impact of the enormity of the horror took its toll on me personally. My sister is a flight attendant for American Airlines, one of my sons is a pilot for United Airlines, and my other son is a firefighter paramedic.... [C]aptioning the coverage of the anguish experienced by the families of the pilots, flight attendants, firefighters... was the first time in my 28-year career that I was not able to distance myself emotionally. After 16 years of work in the Los Angeles Superior Court reporting horrific criminal cases, including death-penalty cases, I thought I had the ability to steel my emotions and do my job. But nothing in my past prepared me for this”
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Wow, amazing link. My hat's off to these guys.

Imagine seeing all The Bad Stuff on TV, being hearing-impaired, and not having captioning to go along with it.
posted by ebarker at 5:45 PM on December 3, 2001

Court reporters are all crazy BTW (just for the benefit for people that have never worked with them).
posted by QrysDonnell at 4:26 PM on December 4, 2001

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