The WeiboScope is a peek at what's happening on Sina Weibo, right now.
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The WeiboScope - Displays the most widely reposted posts on Weibo with pictures within a 10K user sample with 10,000 or more followers. Combine it with Google Translate and you get an insight into what's being talked about on Weibo! (from the good people at University of Hong Kong's Journalism & Media Studies Centre)
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Hmm..interesting idea. Is there any thing similar to TwitterScope out there?
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Hey, neat! I've been fascinated by the Parallel Chinese Internet for awhile now. There's this whole other Internet culture, separated mostly by language and also sometimes by censorship and trade protectionism. Sina Weibo is bigger than Twitter by several metrics; I wish I knew more about how it was being used. I have no hope of reading Chinese though.

What's the Chinese version of Metafilter?
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Neat! I also like Someone picks top stories by hand and translates them into English, along with a bunch of the comments. I think they originally started it just as translation practice, but it's now spun off sites for Japan, Indonesia, Russia, and Korea.
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As of writing, number 19 is a comparison between Hainan Air's new building and People Daily's new building. I can't believe those are actual designs.

Direct link to the phallus building and its counterpart.
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What's the Chinese version of Metafilter?

I don't know. Not that I didn't try to look for it.

Couple months ago on Reddit we try to come up with a list of Chinese equivalent of popular American websites. It's not very useful if you can't read Chinese.
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Reddit posters aren't kidding about diandian being the Chinese tumblr. The layout is pretty much a direct clone of a tumblr dashboard.
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China Daily Show is an English-language (run by Western expats I think) Chinese equivalent of The Onion
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Do they have any women there?

If so, they are surely underrepresented -
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