Happiness is having your own library card
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Do you like libraries? Do you like comics? Then Library Cartoons, Comics and Drawings is relevant to your interests. Need more? There's always Libraries in Pop Culture. Not satisfied yet? Unshelved is the internet's longest running librarian comic, previously featured for its pimped out bookcarts contest, but also worth visiting for the regular Friday bookclub.
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There's also Derangement and Description, which must set some kind of record for nicheness.
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I liked the synopsis of Something Queer At The Library: "Who would want to destroy library books? Luckily there’s a strange clue on one page and that’s enough to get super sleuths started on their search. The books are due back soon and Jill and Gwen don’t want to be blamed for ruining them. But someone is to blame. Will they find the person in time?”

Not wanting to spoil the plot, but that's definitely Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell.
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This is indeed relevant to my interests!
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If you can now have Video Trailers for books, then comics-based book reviews make a lot of sense.
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Semi-related: I must repeat my endorsement of the Awful Library Books blog.
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