Olympus Microscopy Resource Center digital video gallery
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The Olympus Microscopy Resource Center digital video gallery, with: live cells, pond life and more, crystals and more.
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This is a great find. Thanks for posting it!
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Oooh I like cells. Thanks for this!
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Wishing there were some better resources for identifying single cell pond fauna. The Internet is surprisingly thin on this subject. We took my daughter's microscope and looked at some pond scum from a nearby wetland, and Wow it was freaky deaky, but hard to guess what we were looking at in some cases. If there were someplace you could upload a photo say and get opinions about what it is that you are looking at, that would be tremendously helpful.
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The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia has a research wing that does water quality research for the government by measuring the variety and types of diatoms in water samples taken at local rivers and lakes. The broader and more plentiful the types of diatoms, I think, the healthier the water.

In any case, the PI behind this project set up a website/database that I think may be searchable by putting in your photo.

Some pattern recognition software runs on your picture and tells you what type of diatoms it best matches up with. (Or at least this is what they were working on a while back - not sure if it is ready yet.)
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