The haunted sounds of Parisian, the St. Louis-based producer
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"Ian Jones flies under the handle of Parisian, resides in St Louis, is influenced in part by a lot of UK-bass-related music; and this global melange in a microcosm sums up the multifarious sounds as created by the burgeoning producer." If that's a bit too wordy, check out six tracks on Parisian's Soundcloud page, and his complete catalog (more or less) below the break.

Born in in St. Louis, and still "stuck" there, Jones is influenced by artists from Paris, thus the handle. He first dropped a free 7-track EP titled These Emotions Run High in 2012 via his diamondvariations tumblr account, with an official video for the track Parasite. He then got connected with Push & Run Records in England, who handed out another freebie by the way of a collection of four blissed out bootleg tracks on Tings in Boots, streaming on Soundcloud and downloadable from Sendspace.

Earlier in 2013, Push & Run released Parisian's EP, Daul Kim (Bandcamp), inspired by the writing of the young South Korean fashion model by the same name, possibly in part for her "admissions of depression, insomnia, loneliness, fatigue."

There's one last freebie: a split single from former St. Louis artist (now a Brooklyite) Phaseone. Parisian's It's Not Forever is a free download from Pitchfork, and Phaseone's Sean is free from XLR8R, or you can stream and purchase it on Bandcamp.
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Here's a bit on Jones' musical history, in which he collaborated as Safety Words with Sean Price, aka Doctor Phelonius. They released The Ghostfaced Pixels Mixtape (download, or stream on Grooveshark) in 2009, then went their separate ways in 2011.
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Small world. I've seen Parisian around and we have a few friends in common. I like his sounds a lot.
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It's amusing to hear his 8-bit/Wu-Tang mashups after falling so far head over heels for his Daul Kim EP.

invitapriore, I am a bit jealous of you.
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I'm digging this. Thanks.
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(this is good)
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Ian's a friend so it's a little hard to for me to listen to him objectively but These Emotions Run High was easily one of my favorite albums last year. I've probably listened to it 100 times. He's ridiculously talented and a super nice guy to boot. Great to see him on here.
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Excellent Stuff - thanks for the post!
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God damn "Still in Love With" is lovely.
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