"I'm Rosa Parks, my story marks, the first step towards civil rights..."
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Also: The strangely familiar Viking Song
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The Neville Brothers did a Rosa Parks song.
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I would dearly love to hear Phil and Gary's thoughts on the American civil rights struggle.
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The bus involved in this event is now restored and at "The Henry Ford" (previously the Henry Ford Museum) in Detroit, Michigan.

Shortly after they received the bus I happened to visit the museum (taking a relative from out of town). They bus had yet to be restored and was sitting, in very sad condition, off to one side of the huge museum floor. Initially I had no idea why the museum, which has a huge collection of significant motor vehicles, had this ratty old bus on display. Eventually I found a small sign that explained why the bus was there and, suddenly, that old GM coach was infused with history, I sat on a nearby bench and spent a few minutes considering it's importance.

The story as to how they identified the bus is interesting as well.

Rosa Parks became a respected icon in Detroit.
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Oh no, what have you done, I've been watching Horrible Histories clips on youtube for an hour!
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Better not be watching this in a library! Or school, for that matter.
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Previously. Terry Deary who writes the books hates public libraries and thinks they're stealing money from rich celebrity authors like him. At a time when public libraries are under attack in the UK, he's joined in. Be advised, if you buy his books you're giving money to a total [expletive deleted].
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Had been meaning to check if there was a new series of HH on bbc iplayer - thanks for the nudge!
(this clip is fabulous, btw)
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