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HEY YOU! Andrew Horowitz, a musician who goes by the name edu, writes music that sounds like Muppets-influenced psychedelia. At the End is a soft, melancholy song; Miss Melody blooms and blooms and blooms. Horowitz is also the mind behind The Baker Boys, which remixes Jay-Z with 20th century classical musicians like Philip Glass, Igor Stravinsky, Steve Reich, and Conlon Nancarrow.
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I didn't put this in the main post because the links are of questionable legality, but my two favorite songs from edu are Lemons and Pears and Daisy Fingers. Lemons and Pears in particular is phenomenal.
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Okay fine yes I will go listen to Glassbreaks again.
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Hummingbird (the "Muppets-influenced psychedelia" link above) is very nice! But mostly I'm here to comment how nice it is that the bandcamp site displays a "Play" symbol in the title bar when you're playing a song, helps to remove the infuriating situation when one of your tabs is playing sound and you want it to END END NOW I HATE YOU STOP PIPING NOISE INTO MY ROOM ARGH!! and you don't know which one it is.
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The Jay-Z with Stravinsky works SO WELL.
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Also the orchestrating on the first track is catchy as hell.

Seriously though, the mash-ups - one of those "why didn't I think of that" moments. Just great.
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and Conlon Nancarrow.

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How is that a fail? I spelled it right and everything.
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How is that a fail? I spelled it right and everything.

Not you. That combo made me throw down the earbuds. Some of the stuff is interesting, but that one was just plain bad.
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