John Grisham Steers away from the law again
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John Grisham Steers away from the law again... As in NOT writing about it, but thank heavens in February, it appears he'll be going back to his Legal Thrillers I don't know though, as much as I wanted not to.. I really liked A Painted House Surely, I'm not the only one...
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john grisham is trash literature.

to me its no different than Romance novels.

any book that we have 45 copies of, and we destroy when it doesnt sell (ive had to rip off the covers of millions of books and throw them away) is trash.

literally and figuratively.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez writes books.

IMHO of course.
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John Grisham financed a nice little, fairly erudite magazine that can be found nationwide, though, and has been a recent winner of a National Magazine Award. And he seems to have his heart in the right place, theme-wise (anti-death penalty in "The Chamber" before hardly anyone well-known figures spoke out about it, for instance, here or elsewhere. He's gotta be something of an influence on some readers.). There's more than a bit of irony in an anti-consumerism book for the mass market, but . . .
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I actually read this book. My husband bought it on a whim and I read it.


Not a very good read. The beginning shows great promise as the two main characters (distasteful suburban yuppies with too much time and cash on their hands) decide to skip Christmas and all the consumerism and money hemorraghing that goes along with it and flee the country for the holiday.

But, then everybody wimps out and they end of having a hectic and trite holiday after all in which a grand lesson is learned.


Want to read it? I'll sell you my copy for supah-cheap.
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