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A pattern seems to have emerged in which the ostensibly-independent Canadian Forces National Investigation Service (NIS) has been ordered to investigate journalists at the behest of Canadian Conservative Defence Minister Peter MacKay. In at least two instances, the NIS, the Canadian Armed Forces special investigative unit, conducted detailed investigations into the source of media reports, despite the reported information already being publicly available.

In the first instance, NIS conducted an investigation into how CTV News obtained information regarding improper spending by Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Walter Natynczyk, despite the fact that CTV obtained the information through an Access to Information request.

NIS also conducted a month-long investigation at the request of the Minister's office after an Ottawa Citizen blogger published information about the Canadian Navy's involvement in RIMPAC, the world's largest Naval military exercise. However, the information had already been publicly released by the U.S. Navy.

Further Access to Information requests have identified at least five investigations conducted or underway by NIS as a result of information appearing in the Ottawa Citizen blog Defence Watch, written by David Pugliese
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I meant to add, the investigations took place in 2011 and 2012.
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Just a moment here... They're still called The Canadian Armed Forces? Not The Harper Government Armed Forces?
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No its the The Royal Harper Government Armed Forces.
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Whatever legal validity there is for a motivation, I'll bet that this is part of a sort of PSYOPs to intimidate and prevent any cocky press company or persons getting too big for their britches and *really* investigating and/or using whistle-blowing/inside, unofficial sources. Just following their big brother's footsteps.
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Man I hope these Conservative crumbbums self-destruct or something, but I suppose it's more likely that Thomas Mulcair will shave off his thick, protective beard first.
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