the 387 houses of peter fritz
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In 1993, while browsing in a junk shop, artist Oliver Croy discovered 387 model buildings, each neatly wrapped in its own garbage bag--the architectural creations of Austrian insurance clerk Peter Fritz.
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OMG those are really, really awesome.
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These are lovely!
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Those photos really need something in them for scale. I thought they were the size of a quarter at first glance. End photo makes them seem fairly large like shoe box size.
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The article mentions this, but the first thing I wondered was if Peter Fritz was a model train enthusiast.
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Reminds me of Seth's Dominion City.
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Yeah, these are really neat.
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this image gives a little more sense of scale.
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These are great. I also though they were tiny at first.
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They're somewhat on the big side for HO model train sets and too small for larger scales.
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Except that every model train enthusiast I have known barely cares about the plastic buildings, they care about the frickin' trains.

(Back in the day, probably still, model railroad magazines featured incredibly detailed architectural models by professional "kitbashers", down to lovingly recreated ghost billboards or a spot of leaves in a roof trough. It's been years since I've seen any in real life, though.)
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These are fantastic. It was a rare and marvelous find. I'm so glad that Oliver Croy saw them, identified their greatness, and was able to buy them and preserve them.

I'm also really really jealous.
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I'm really disappointed I can't see them live or that there wasn't at least a decent gallery featuring pictures of each of the models.
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