"Phone companies didn't think you were going to blow them up back then."
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What's in the database? Roughly 1,000 records of documents related to phone phreaking history. It includes newspaper and magazine articles, letters, memos, FBI memos, audio recordings, you name it.. Extra Goodies!

While researching and writing his new book, Phil Lapsley (co-author of RFC 977) amassed a large collection of files relating to phone phreaking history and he has transformed this collection into a searchable database.

Tell us everything that's not in the book!

The title text comes from this most charming extra.
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They have the biggies, like In-Band single-frequency signalling, but they all deal with step-by-step and crossbar switching. For ESS check out ITU-T Rec. Q.140-Q.180: Specifications of Signaling Systems. (PDF link)
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Here is video of a step-by-step switch you could still find them in rural areas until the 80s .A crossbar switch. Needless to say these beasts were phased out in the 80s as well. Amazing what those old timers accomplished.
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We were awesome.
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I still like to laugh about getting Bell Canada to install a second phone line for my BBS back in day. For the small cost of the line installation fee they dug up the backyards of an entire block of my neighbours. Good times.
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PRX/A: The future-proof telephone switch [part 1] [part 2]

Now more sinister and frightening!

Seriously, whose call was it to use that music in this promotional movie?
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I used to think that mandatory rented western electric phones was fascist back in the 70s. " to protect the integrity of the bell system" was the official reason why, according to the Bell System.
Now I'm grateful if I have 3 bars of cell reception.
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ID 66

Title: John Draper claims AT&T has a system that can tap anyone's telephone line

Date: 1978-01-17


John Draper accuses AT&T of having a system installed in Iowa which can tap anyone's telephone line without detection. AT&T denies this, and FCC says they don't know anything about it.
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