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Jillian Mayer is a performance and visual artist concerned with new technology and the internet who frequently operates in the medium of viral video. In fact, you may already know her piece I Am Your Grandma (previously), which has been viewed several million times. Since "Grandma", she has tackled the digitization of human consciousness and remade (NSFW, brief nudity) La Jetee starring Luther Campbell of 2 Live Crew, a film which screened at Sundance and resulted in Mayer and frequent collaborator Lucas Leyva being collectively named one of Filmmaker Magazine's 25 new faces of independent film for 2012. Her latest piece is a YouTube makeup tutorial on how to use Dazzle camouflage to defeat facial recognition software.
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Oh, and I forgot, she also has an avatar in Second Life (PDF link) that works at a real estate office, which is just hilarious.
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I love all of her work. Good on her.
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Adore her.
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Man.. I dunno. Video art will and always will be video art. But that train surfing video is art.
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