Jamaican mixtapes from Brazil
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DJ Magrão from São Paulo is usually into Jamaican sounds, but he also has his Brazilian favorites. Over 10 hours of downloadable mixtapes, 100% vinyl.
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Nice. Downloading.
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Nice find: a great way to get through a dreary day at work. Some interesting little nuggets in these mixes, including, like, a 1970s Baltimore soul band that isn't exactly widely known. It's an interesting juxtaposition to the relatively mainstream reggae.
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So, these digital files are 100% vinyl?
Nice tunes, though. Thanks.
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Valeu, brôder.
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I think it's more that the mixes are 100% vinyl, as opposed to Serato or Traktor or something. I might be wrong about that. People are interested in the provenance of their DJ mixes--all-45 mixes, e.g. Brainfreeze or the 45 Sessions, are also a thing.
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Nice. I wish there were 10 more like the Samba mix.
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