A Desert Road
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I'm Waiting Here is a bonus track off of David Lynch's forthcoming album. The video pairs the dreamy vocals of Lykke Li (reminiscent of the sound work on Twin Peaks) with a visual of rolling desert landscape (reminiscent of Lynch's Lost Highway).

Lynch produced the music for the song, however the video was directed by visual artist Daniel Desure. The song comes from The Big Dream, which is a follow up to Lynch's 2011 album Crazy Clown Time.
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lovely voice. lovely music. dreamy...
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You know who never has to pick a lane in my world? David Lynch!

You know who drives like my dad? David Lynch!

(Yes, I know that David Lynch probably wasn't actually driving, but I've just come to the realization that my dad and David Lynch were born 12 days apart, and my world has turned upside down.)
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I love Lykke Li.

I can watch Tonight over and over.

And I'm Good I'm Gone should have let me know she'd one day be working with Lynch.

I only bought the Karen O song off Lynch's last CD. Was the rest any good?
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I liked Good Day today as an electro-pop single along the lines of New Order or Hot Chip (I'm bad with genres, so if that's not electro-pop then I preemptively apologize). I listened to a few other tracks off of it, and they were cool as sound collage, but nothing I really wanted to listen to on a regular basis.
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Dads and driving. Don't get me started.

But once or twice I babysat her mum.

Lykke Li's mum - and the sister.

True tales from Old Stockholm
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codacorolla: You may like Pinky's Dream?
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Crazy Clown Time has some good tracks that I have on regular rotation.

Good Day Today
Noah's Ark
Football Game
The Night Bell With Lightning
Stone's Gone Up
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Noah's Ark is one of my favorite songs of recent years. So downbeat. So mysterious. So romantic (in a dark, nighttime sort of way).
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