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Fort Carroll is an abandoned Army fort on an artificial island in Baltimore's harbor. Robert E. Lee designed its hexagonal structure and supervised its construction, which the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers commenced in 1848. The fort was declared defunct in 1921, having never seen combat. Sitting in the middle of the Patapsco River, it can be seen clearly from the Key Bridge (named after a witness to an event at Baltimore's more famous fort), but rarely is it seen up close. Certainly, it helps if you have a boat.

Schemes for the island since decommissioning have all fell through. In the 1950s, the enterprising Benjamin Eisenberg hoped to build a hotel and casino on the 3.5 acre island. That plan was stymied when it was determined the fort was located not in Anne Arundel County or Baltimore City (where slots were legal at the time), but in Baltimore County, where they were not. The island is now overrun with birds, and the State of Maryland is seeking historic status for the island.

Here are some highlights from the series in the first link: Part 2, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 9, Part 10.
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Not just abandoned, but never completed, in fact. Was a constant fascination for me as a child, and I was lucky enough to have a foolhardy dad with a canoe.
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see also fort proctor, the only rock climbing in coastal louisiana.
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Maybe I could BE a foolhardy dad with a canoe. Thanks, now I have something to aspire to.
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Reminds me of a miniature Fort Warren on Boston's Georges Island.

I hope Baltimore can find it's own Edward Rowe Snow to help save it.
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There is one thing stopping me really enjoying those exploration videos. I can't fathom that that guy thought sandals and bare feet were a good idea for exploring an overgrown island full of rusted metal. It must be the fact that I'm a mother now.
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