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Alfred Hitchcock ‘Directs’ a LIFE Picture Story, 1942. "...perhaps no filmmaker provided richer fodder for the Allies during the war itself than Alfred (later Sir Alfred) Hitchcock. Between 1940 and 1945, Hitch made films for England’s Ministry of Information as well as several excellent movies featuring plots that centered on the war (Saboteur, Foreign Correspondent, the remarkable Lifeboat and others). Hitchcock’s most unusual director’s credit from the 1940s, however, wasn’t attached to a movie at all, but instead appeared in the July 13, 1942, issue of LIFE magazine. Titled Have You Heard? (The Story of Wartime Rumors), the feature carrying Hitchcock’s name is a war thriller in photos, shot by LIFE’s Eliot Elisofon from a plot 'suggested by' FDR’s press secretary, Stephen Early, and 'directed by' Hitchcock himself."
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(Spoiler alert)

More like HHSS (haughty haberdasher)
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tl:dr... Loose Lips Sink Ships

I like the obligatory Hitchcock walk on. The ever-helpful Wikipedia has a list of Hitchcock cameos.
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I think Germany torpedoed the ship because they were jealous of our purple monkey dishwashers.
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I like the way everybody in the story embellishes the details for no apparent reason, although somehow in this story the embellishments turn out to be spot on.

During wartime people should be encouraged to spread gossip as much as possible, because that leads to the kind of telephone-game outcome that disguises actual information.

The mysterious man meets with the Axis agent at the beach and reports what he has learned; "Cruise ships are headed for Austria apple symphony kumquat."
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