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Deleted and alternate Bladerunner scenes chronologically arranged.
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All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain...

(This is awesome).
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"I thought I'd have a shot at being human again."

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Sometimes, I get all nostalgic for the theatrical release and miss hearing the voice over. And then I watch the theatrical release and remember how bad the voice over was.

And now I find out that it could have been even worse. I just completely evokes for me the image of a petulant Harrison Ford hating every moment of having to tape the g-d voiceover in the first place.

(I did like that "being human again" line though).
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IMDb lists a 2007 video of deleted and alternate scenes, which looks like it could be an except from the 5 disc Ultimate Collector's Edition), which has been incorporated into a few fan edits (see, and info on the White Dragon cut here, and the "Ultimate" workprint).
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I heartily approve all of these cuts and omissions.
And, yeah, I didn't think anything could be worse than the theatrical voiceover, until now.
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My favorite version of this film -- which I've seen easily 50 or more times in my life -- is the Electric Unicorn fanedit version. I'm not sure how much of the alternate or deleted stuff the faneditor put into it (a whole lot!) but it feels fresh and flows very well. I have no idea where you could even get it anymore.
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Just checked my copy of the Ultimate Edition and yes, this video is in there -- it's the Deleted and Alternate Scenes section of disc 4.

Whew! Here I was thinking I needed to start dreading another Ridley Scott reissue.

(I like how Ford's voice almost breaks up at times. "...and a really serious (hic!) traffic accident." He says it like he's suppressing laughter.)
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The overwhelming feeling is some kind of Raymond Chandler space-age fanfic: Farewell, My Blade Runner, in which an extremely annoyed-sounding Philip Marlowe chases some robots.
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The only voice-overs that really added something were the one where Deckard described Batty's death and one of the happy ending car scenes. I think it's because they make the replicants human rather than just making the humans robots (like most of the rest cuts of the move do, IIRC). I'm glad the rest were cut.
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I eagerly await the next Scott/Lindholf production, PrometheRunner
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That "made for each other" line at the end, coupled with the look he gives her, would have saved the happy ending.
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"BZZZZT! I am a robot! BZZZZT!"
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> Electric Unicorn fanedit version

I would like to know more
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So tired of looking at Scott's past films, why can't we concentrate on modern classics like Prometheus?!
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Brandon Blatcher: "So tired of looking at Scott's past films, why can't we concentrate on modern classics like Prometheus?!"

Because you would be dead in a fire I started.

See how much film analysis you get done with sizzling eyeballs.

I keed, I keed!
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I'll bet that the Directors Cut of Prometheus wouldn't be half bad. I hear the studio had too much say in the final cut of the theatrical release and it was shot up all to hell. I hope Mr. Scott will re cut it and re release it as it should have been.

I hated Prometheus. I couldn't really get past the "running around after abdominal surgery" bit - which was basically the whole movie.
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She as pumped up on painkillers, it's all good.
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Comments here are not making me want to watch this video, and I didn't think that was possible for anything BR-related.


I keep blanking on the fact that that is coming, which is, I think, my mind's way of protecting me from the horror.
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I actually kind of like this voiceover, for the reason hydatius mentioned. I prefer the movie without one, but if there has to be a voiceover, might as well be the Full Chandler.
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I still wish I had my "Do Not Disturb - Voight-Kampff test in Progress" door hanger. I have had so much cool stuff in my life I don't have any more. Sigh.
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Cudda skipped that whole V-K test thing and just asked them what "Klaatu barada nichto" means. Anybody who knows that passes.

I wouldn't like somebody asking me why I wasn't helping the turtle either. Or asking whether my cheesy flat is a "nice place". And what kind of amateur veers into the mother thing?
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Hey, it's just a test.
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Brandon Blatcher: So tired of looking at Scott's past films, why can't we concentrate on modern classics like Prometheus?!
Why do you come to a post about something you're tired of, criticizing others for wanting to do something you don't want to do? Honestly, your comment adds nothing. You could have started an FPP analyzing Prometheus, but instead, you just complain.
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(I think it was a joke)
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Please tell me that the joke was someone advocating for another FPP about Prometheus. Do I have to lie down in front of a spaceship in order to be allowed to forget that that movie happened?
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Hey I like Prometheus, buddy! Go hijack some other thread with that perpetual pile-on. I'm predicting it now; somehow some way someone will hijack the inevitable Shadowrun Returns thread with more of that.
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