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Mindtunes is a track created by Andy, Jo and Mark, 3 physically disabled music fans, using only one instrument: their mind. The track was produced by DJ Fresh.
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Booze ad aside, human beings can be so damn great.
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This is really interesting. Castet does a lot of human interface stuff and seems like an interesting guy. Mark Rowland has been a longtime musician with various kinds of assistive technology and it's really cool to see him involved in this project. Thanks for this post.
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This is great. Much greater than I expected.
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That was a lot more moving than I expected. Here's to hoping this kind of tech becomes far more widespread.
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Is it Gimp Day on MeFi? Because if it is, nobody told me and now it's too late to bake a cake.
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although I didn't take the time to listen to this, I hate the fact that mind reading technology exists and will likely get more and more advanced. I think the bad will easily outweigh the good. (privacy concerns)
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Really cool, looks like everyone had a great time doing this.
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Came here from the podcast, that is AMAZING. Thanks for the heads up.
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