Go, Eddie, go!
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See string svengali Eddie Peabody drive three count 'em THREE ladies crazy with his smooth-as-silk strumming on three count 'em THREE exotic instruments: Strum Fun, for sure! And not only was ol' Eddie a suave lady's man, he was surely one of the best violinists (when it comes to bird calls, anyway) of his day! And what say we drop in and watch the wild and crazy guy strutting his stuff, doing a bit of crooning, banjo picking, toy-violin sawing and who knows what else, with His College Chums. We'll close it out with Eddie and the Beachcombers, as the irrepressible picker and grinner demonstrates some newfangled *electrified* instruments! Thanks, Eddie, and keep on plucking, baby!
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When I was a kid, probably 9 or 10 years old, my uncle took me to an event of some sort (I can't really remember what it was about) that included a huge roast Ox on a spit, a trick bait caster (fishing pole) guy who actually know my grandfather (also a famous trick bait caster) whom I had never met and a performance by Eddie Peabody.

That small piece of my life had been stored away, all but forgotten for a whole lot of years, until I read the name Eddie Peabody in this FPP.

Thanks, Flapjax, I suspect it would have been lost forever had you not brought this up....
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Until I read this article, I was unaware of the existence of the National Four-String Banjo Hall of Fame! Thank you, flapjax!
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My dad was an Eddie Peabody fan. He told a story, possibly an urban legend, of a radio announcer introducing Peabody with a spoonerism, "And now Eddie Playbody will pee for you."
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Another week, another awesome music post from Flapjax!
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I'm pretty sure everyone in that video is hopped up on goofballs.
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Plunk that magic twanger, Eddie!
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Left on the cutting room floor: The pianist then gets up and sits next to Eddie, too.
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Who would win in a fight between Eddie and God?
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Plunk that magic twanger, Eddie!

Hiya, kids, hiya hiya!!!
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I've never seen so many women get excited watching one guy masturbate.
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I just love how you presented this post. Also, thanks! I never heard of the guy but I'm glad I did!
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I've never seen so many women get excited watching one guy masturbate

You must watch different porn with a smaller crowd than I do.
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Your father's story was no urban legend, Repack Rider. I have an old cassette somewhere of radio bloopers which contains said line!
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