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Great 'The Prisoner' site - I just recently got into this BBC sci-fi/paranoia classic on my local PBS affiliate, so I was glad to find this lovingly done fan site. Anyone else have a pet obsessive fan site for a favorite TV show? comes to mind, of course, but I'm interested in the less famous and less frequented places.
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She set the role of human-as-robot character in IMy Living Doll and they went and burnt the kinescopes! So you'll never see it on Nick at Nite. And she was the first and best Catwoman. And this shrine gets more hits than the USS Clueless--On screen!
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ooh, I feel the ire of Carol Anne for that missed I...
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I don't know about web sites, but the Prisoner is easily the greatest TV show of all time, tied with Twin Peaks.
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i am not a number. im a free man.
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Schoolhouse Rock has about a million fan sites out there -- well, okay, not that many, but about 41,600 according to Google. If you you click on that first link, you'll find that the "official" SR site is a wholly owned thrall of the Disney people. Sigh...
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I have found the Buffyguide to be a great place to dive into the details of each episode of BTFS.
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I've been to Portmeirion to have a look at the model village where The Prisoner was filmed. It's amazingly small in fact. The camerawork was very skilled in making 'The Village' look much larger. I stood on the chessboard, and on the beach and imagined a big white balloon chasing me...

It was a cracking series. I don't think it's been repeated on British television for about a decade, even though there are more and more channels with less and less to show. Come on Channel Four, repeat it, dammit!
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It was last repeated in 1992 or 1993. I know because I was sitting in my room on campus at uni while I was watching it. What on earth was going on in that last episode?
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Must be 1993, as I'd just started my current job.. Don't ask me about that last episode. I didn't understand any of the preceding ones either!
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In the DC area, Howard University's WHUR is showing it right now. Well, not right now. You get my meaning.
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In the DC area, Howard University's WHUR is showing it right now. Well, not right now. You get my meaning.
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From what I read, the last episode flipped out so many viewers on first run that McGoohan had to go into hiding for a few weeks. The problem was that the series was axed early, and they had a week to come up with a closing script.

The series mainly being allegorical, I'm with the camp that says the individual (6), despite any protests about individuality, is ultimately the lynchpin of society (1); it is impossible to function in a society without coming into conflict with it. In the end, all individuals are prisoners of society, and all conduct an ongoing war to maintain a separate identity.

God. What a geek I am... ~sigh~
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Are they still selling those "It Takes a Village..." t-shirts, in the Prisoner font, with the penny-farthing bicycle, with Hillary's face on the big wheel of the bike?
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The Prisoner font being a modified Albertus (no dot on the 'i' and a snipped open 'e') that cemented my unrequited crush on typography.

I bought a great GURPS Prisoner role-playing supplement but never did anything with it.
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I'd say that Prisoner is the greatest t.v. show of all time. I would sstay up till 3:00 a.m. to watch it. I heard they may make a movie version...anyone hear this?
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An explanation of the show, and a synopsis of the last episode, from the Smartest-Person-On-Earthâ„¢
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-----"i am not a number. im a free man."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

They're making a movie, directed by Simon West, so I've read,(the hack who made ConAir, Tomb Raider, among other insta-classics), unfortunately. I don't know what they could possibly hope to add to the show's legacy, other than to just retell the same story in 90 minutes starring Matt Damon or some other utterly innapropriate actor of the moment, with much flashy editing and a CG Rover with lots of bells and whistles.
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No, it'll probably be Robbie Williams. God help us.
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