But will the beliebers like it?
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Back in the early nineties Harvey Comics published a series of licensed New Kids on the Block comics. Sadly for Justin Bieber, Harvey Comics no longer exists, so instead he has to make do with the very unlicensed and very nsfw Sean T. Collins/Michael Hawkins created Biebercomic.
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They could always package it with Tintin in Thailand...
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his penis has a sad?
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Gotta say, I think the old Harvey artwork was better.
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Sometimes I get sort of confused by the cultural chronology of some of my childhood touchstones. I was only born in '87, but for some reason grew up, as a kid, reading a ton of Harvey comics. Isn't that slightly out of sync? I don't really understand, either, where the heck all those Harveys came from-- did one buy them at, like, the grocery checkout? And who was the actual intended audience? Like...I assume twenty-somethings were never sitting around reading Hot Stuff and Richie Rich...right?

(Then again, we also had a old VHS tape of some animated "Little Lulu" episodes containing Black caricatures so egregious that they probably would have been booed off a minstrel show stage-- though I had absolutely no conscious awareness of this aspect until a nostalgic rewatching in my late teens turned to vague horror as a result. ...I can only conclude that my parents secretly didn't actually review anything that they gave me to consume.)
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I'm pretty sure my parents would each have a stroke if they knew I was watching this like every day when I was four. (trigger warning for pretty viscerally upsetting racist caricature)
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too much penis...I mean...we are talking about a penis right??? it is just so penis-y....too much pene. and that is sad. in a sad penis way. poor sad penis. a sad Justin penis.
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Justin Giger
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