The End of the World SF Blog
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"I started the World SF Blog in February of 2009 – a century in Internet time! – partly as an excuse to promote my then-forthcoming anthology of international speculative fiction, The Apex Book of World SF – but mostly out of what can only be described as an ideological drive, a desire to highlight and promote voices seldom heard in genre fiction... The change I have seen in the four years of the blog is heartening. In a way, I have decided to stop now because the blog has fulfilled everything I ever wanted it to, and so much more." - Lavie Tidhar. The World SF Blog leaves behind 61 short stories and a serialized novella by authors from 33 countries, plus exclusive interviews, articles, guest posts and round tables (on where it's likely to stay up for a while)
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I'm sad to see it end; the world sf blog was the first place a story of mine got accepted.
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Lavie Tidhar previously.
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Why does everything good eventually end? :(
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Speaking of good things ending, or rather not, MoFi is back (it's been down all week.)
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Speaking as the only person besides homunculus who still posts anything there, WHEW.
posted by oneswellfoop at 7:04 PM on June 23, 2013

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