Scotland's Young Fathers: modern moody mix of hip-hop, afrobeat and R&B
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Graham Hastings, Alloysious Massaquoi and Kayus Bankole are a musical trio from Scotland. They first met at a local hip-hop night for under-16 youth in Edinburgh, where the music scene is more focused on indie rock than beats and rapping. They started collaborating a few years ago, and now go by the name Young Fathers. They mix rap, grime, modern R&B, afro-beat, noisy samples and more, though they write music from a pop-perspective, and consider themselves "pop boys." They have two short releases that are something between EPs and albums, plus a handful of singles. Their primary releases, Tape One and Tape Two, have been (re)released on the US label Anticon, and they have a handful of official videos: Deadline, Sister, Rumbling and Romance are the first four tracks from Tape One; I Heard is the first video from Tape Two; The Guide is separate single to stream and/or download, for free on Soundcloud.
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Bonus: there a couple good live videos of Young Fathers in action, with a 4th member (an unnamed drummer): The Guide, at SXSW 2013, and a couple live tracks from April 2013.

Their first song can be heard about two hours into this mix.
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Like the music, not entirely convinced by the vocals. (Not in a LOLUK way - I listen to lots of music featuring British MCs and hardly any US rap/hip hop - they just didn't grab me.)

Also, I'd love to hear remixes by some of the folk on labels like 116 & Rising, Hemlock, Hessle and especially Keysound - whatever that "post-grime, post-dubstep, post-bass, post-funky, ultra-percussive, usually-at-130bpm" genre is called would suit the Young Fathers' sound to a tee.

I mean, imagine Joe getting his hands on some of these songs!
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This is great shit. Thank you!
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with a 4th member (an unnamed drummer)

Steven Morrison, drummer, dj, multimedia artist ......and all round good guy, (rather like jackmo)
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sgt.serenity, thanks for the drummer credit!

From this excited forum post on Young Fathers' Tape One, if you like the general sounds of YF, you might enjoy the Seattle-based hip-hop collective Shabazz Palaces, who signed to Sub Pop of all labels. Sub Pop put the group's debut album, Black Up, on YouTube in full (with fancy moving visuals, to boot).

And if you like that kind of thing, you might enjoy SYN-ÆSTHETIC, the debut from Scot Porter, a.k.a. Vox Mod, which is also on YouTube in full, thanks to the UnsoundAmerica label.

A parting note: Young Fathers have a Bandcamp site/account, but it's now empty of content. The album was once free there, and Tape One was also available their website, but their URL changed, and and it's now No more free music EP/album, sorry.
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This is good, thanks.
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