Subjective Cartography
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It's like a constrained version of PostSecret.
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more Brain Pickings: The Birth of Our Modern Obsession with Maps, on Simon Garfield's book On The Map.
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In linguistics, there's also perceptual dialectology, where non-linguists describe where they think different varieties of language are. One can take a course on it at UCSD.
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Did she have to use preprinted outlines of Manhattan all oriented along the same North-South axis? I'm guessing that was done for expediency, but I think it makes things too rigid and excludes any creative distortion of space, such as that found on a very famous cover of the New Yorker.

I had an art history class taught by a professor whose research included the study of maps and how they reflect our internal perception of space. It's fascinating stuff. We all live in a very distorted space that's defined by our experiences and often in conflict with others. For instance, the commuters in class held a very different notion than the residents of what the "front" of the campus was because they mostly drove in and parked on the side that was opposite to where the dorms were "behind" the academic buildings.
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