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CARTOZIA IS A WORLD OF MANY STORIES Each issue of Cartozia Tales will feature stories by nine indy cartoonists. Each of us will be bringing his or her separate ideas, imagination, and drawing style to the world that we're sharing. Every issue will be full of surprises, and no one knows where the stories will wind up.

From one of the artists, Sarah Becan of I Think You're Sauceome:
Cartozia is a new group project that I'm a part of. It's kind of a collaborative all-ages fantasy world-building thing; we've spent the last few months creating the world of Cartozia, defining its continents and mountain ranges, peopling it and making up the creatures who live there, defining the rules of magic, things like that.

Every issue, each of us is given a sector, and we have to write a comic placed in that area of Cartozia. The first issue is almost finished! You can read one of the comics, Shawn Cheng's "Master Cyrus and the Boy" at this link, under "samples".
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(here is the link to the Facebook post Sarah Becan's quote is from)
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This looks pretty keen, but it's a shame there isn't more content to preview online.
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This looks very keen! I've been looking for a way to get my daughter more involved in indie comics and graphic novels, and this looks like it could be just the ticket.

I'll be purchasing a year's subscription. And how cool is that, to still be able to get comics in the mail!
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