Angelyne the Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog
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Angelyne the Amazing Deaf Cattle Dog (YT)

Angelyne performs tricks for young and old, with owner Eric Melvin's positive message emphasizing perseverance, compassion, "oneness" with your fellow man (as he puts it, despite our varying appearances and more profound differences "we are all the same"), and the strengths that underlie what may seem to be our greatest weaknesses. Eric incorporates poetry written by himself and others into his training presentation.

Promo Video (YT)
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I happened to see their act today and it was pretty emotionally moving and riveting. I vaguely remembered seeing them on America's Got Talent but it could have just been the power of suggestion, as he mentioned auditioning on it in 2010.

I fought the call of nature in 90° heat for like 30 minutes straight though my wife was present to watch our daughter...
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This didn't work for me, because the deaf cattle herd poorly.
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I fostered a deaf Australian Cattle Dog for a month. What a treasure, she was! So kind, so gentle and smart! I finally found her a home up in the North County, where she could run and herd, and where she had another Cattle Dog to keep her company. I miss her, to this day.
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Well trained hunting dogs have been taught the same hand signals as Angelyne. Her owner is to congratulated for saving her from abuse and the loneliness of the deaf.
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