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The Memory of the Netherlands is an image library making available the online collections of museums, archives and libraries. The library provides access to images from the collections of more than one hundred institutions and includes photographs, sculptures, paintings, bronzes, pottery, modern art, drawings, stamps, posters and newspaper clippings. In addition there are also video and sound recordings to see and listen to. The Memory of the Netherlands offers an historic overview of images from exceptional collections, organized by subject to provide easy access
Search 833928 objects from 133 collections from 100 institutions.
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The British Library (580 Atlases), the Japanese National Diet Library and the Library of Congress have also shared selections.
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... Wow. Just wow. Thanks for posting! I had no idea.
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This is great!
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There is so much material here that it's hard to filter. I made a blogpost from The Memory a couple of years ago [self link]: De Flesch - A children's picture book! Father wins the lottery, drinks it away, gets into debt, pawns stuff, spends everything, beats up the wife, gets arrested, goes insane - leaving the family homeless. A jolly good bedtime read.
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