Peter Molyneux picks his favourite iPhone fart app
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"Peter Molyneux has had a long and storied career. As the creator of Populous, Black & White, Fable, and the recent iPhone experiment Curiosity, he's been no stranger to ambitious concepts throughout his 30-year history in the industry. I had a chance to sit down with Peter at E3 this year, and picked his brain about three of the top fart apps on the app store."
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This is way funnier than it has any right to be. "If it's for work you probably don't want it too wet" is a motto I am going to live by.
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He also recently had a very interesting 1.5 hour chat with Sean Vanaman of Telltale Games/The Walking Dead (who also does the Idle Thumbs podcast).
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That doesn't sound ... possible
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I would pay money for a fart analysis app.
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That was also surprised at how enjoyable that was. Also I loved the "are games fart" tag on the article.
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You know those apps that can identify a song based on a snippet recorded by the phone? There should be an app that will use geographic data as well as analysis of the consistency of the fart to determine what the farter ate and where they most likely went. It would be awesome! Like people were dogs sniffing each others butts.
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"To impress a romantic partner ... a side suggestion of following through"?

I'm confused.
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Important context: This is the man whose game, Fable...well...Chris Remo probably described it best in his song "The Fable of Love"

Girl, I met you passing through Bowerstone
Why can't we be alone?
Just you and me, without these twenty-three
other villagers standing around?
Don't they have other things to do,
when I'm farting in your face for Peter Molyneux?

Oh, girl, our love is like a fable,
even though it smells like the horse's stable
Because when I broke out in flatulant song,
I went on a little too long,
and I crapped my new sarong that my dog dug up with a condom

But back to you and me, or maybe us three
There's a housewife back in Oakvale I've turned bisexual
My Russian dancing was quite effectual
and I've acquired us a home
by killing the family who lived there before
I busted down the door and let myself in
Yes, I suppose that it's a sin
But I'll just fart around the town until I'm once again renowned

Oh, girl, our love is like a Fable
Even though I seem unable to communicate with you

But with my flexing, my caressing,
with my farts, you will know what's in my heart.
(lyrics & mp3)
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(That is to say, in the Fable games, rather than communicating with dialogue trees, you make friends with "expressions" that make your character dance, flirt, belch, grab your crotch, sneer, giggle, or fart at other characters. When you find an expression another character likes, you can keep doing it to raise the how-much-they-like-you stat, which means you can literally end up farting on a girl over and over until she's willing to marry you.)
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Farts take a lot of shit for being... people think that that's lowbrow humor or it's stupid humor. To me, a fart is funny. A fart... let's break down a fart for a second:

- It comes out of your ass. Okay?

- It comes out of yours ass!

- It comes out of your ass.

- It smells like poop, because it's been just, hangin' out next to it for a long time.

- And it makes a little trumpet noise when it comes out!

I mean, come on, man! What's not funny about that? Your ass flesh rubs together and it makes a toot noise that smells like poop that comes out of your ass. That's hilarious! That's the funniest thing in the world.

Here's what I would say, is that you don't have to be smart to laugh at farts, but you have to be stupid not to.
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I get a kick out of the fake Peter Molyneux twitter account, PeterMolydeux:
FPS where you only control left arm. Right arm has weapons and loves killing. As the left arm you must keep knocking weapons out of reach

Idea for fun quiz show on XboxOne. It asks what you said or did at certain times and dates. You answer and then it plays you the evidence

I'll never make a racing game. Unless you race tears down a child's face to manipulate others.
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As someone who had never laid eyes on Peter Molyneux, I'm amazed at how donnish he is. Breaking my stereotypes of programmers all over the place!

This thread is as good as any for an excuse to post this video I found of Michael, the yelling guy from Rooster Teeth, playing a Korean flash game called "Hide the Fart," or maybe "Gas Tank." Oh God did I laugh.
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That was funnier than I expected, and the man came up with an awesome idea right then and there: Make a "make your own fart" app...

I loved his little dig at himself "Brilliant idea, terrible in execution, sort of like my games."

You're a good man, Peter Molyneux.
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I can't check this out now: does he choose the one that doesn't do 90% of what he claims it does?
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Why do you all have to keep making me feel bad I don't have a iPhone?


Do I not have feelings too? If you prick me, do I not say "Oh, so you're into that, huhn?" If you tickle me, do I not laugh then tell you "Cut that shit out!"? If you poison me, do I not survive then annoy the hell out of you for the rest of your natural life? And if you wrong me, shall I not
want revenge by posting what a jerk you are on Facebook and Twitter?

I mean, seriously here, people. Let's see a little empathy when you choose to post, okay?
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