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Between 1994 and 1998, P. Segal edited a zine about Marcel Proust called Proust Said That.

A collection of articles on things at least vaguely Proustian, Proust Said That discussed things in Proust's world, people discussing Proust, and the occasional recipe.

P. Segal went on to open Caffe Proust, a San Francisco restaurant that, like Proust, is no longer around. She now reviews mysteries.
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In the interests of full disclosure, I used to carry this zine in my store.

In the interests of fuller disclosure, I once made an amuse-bouche for a Proust reading party, and I would do it again.
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things in Proust's world, people discussing Proust...

... once in a swimsuit, and once in evening dress?
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I was still a young teenager when I first read about Proust, though I must confess it was his antics in My Uncle Oswald. I am forever seared by the memory of Yasmin Howcomely needing to tape a banana inside her trousers, just for Proust.
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I have a Proust Said That t-shirt! Although I haven't seen it in a long time; it may not have survived.

It's getting close to 20 years since I read A la recherche, maybe it's time for another read...
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I believe the "reviews mysteries" link is supposed to point to Segal's Femme Noir blog.
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Wow, I saw P. Segal and for a moment I thought you meant P. Sagal. I would definitely also read a Proust zine by the panel from Wait Wait. Just, you know... in case that exists somewhere.
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[I made the change Kattullus pointed out; let us know if it not what you wanted, GenjiandProust.]
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Wonderful, thank you. I've been 'reading' In Search of Lost Time (as the more recent Penguin translation is titled) for ten years now—that is, neglecting it for years between periods of obsession. I never expected it to take me this long, but when Proust really takes a grip, I find I can't combine reading him with anything else, and the last ten years of my life have unfortunately included a few things that needed my concentration (work, studies, moving abroad, Mr daisyk...). It's been a while since I last finished a volume, but I've asked for the last two for my birthday and can't wait to get back to Marcel.

In the absence of the real stuff, I also love reading about Proust's life and times, so I will enjoy these links a great deal at my leisure. Ridiculously, possibly the most excited I got on my recent holiday to Amsterdam was when I saw another Café Proust. I made my much more sensible friends stop and wait for me to take pictures.
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