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"If I had to conduct an experiment that would give an insight into neorealism, I'd build a time machine and travel to Italy, circa 1952. I'd ask Vittorio De Sica to make a film using Hollywood actors like Montgomery Clift and Jennifer Jones. I'd then team De Sica up with a Hollywood producer, the kind that liked to impose his will and sensibility onto a film—someone like David O Selznick. In bringing these two worlds of cinema together, I'd hope for a clash of sensibilities so great that it would result in two cuts of the same film, one by De Sica and the other by Selznick. I would run these two films side by side and examine each cut, and in the difference I would find something to say about the essence of neorealism."
Sight & Sound magazine's excellent video essay 'What is neorealism?' compares Terminal Station to Indiscretion of an American Wife.
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this pretty great
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I haven't yet RTFA, but that FPP quote may be the best thing I've read all week.
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This was a great short piece. Not being a fan of Montgomery Clift, I wasn't aware of these two films. But, I'm definitely going to have to seek out Terminal Station.
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wikipedia: "The two versions have been released together on DVD by The Criterion Collection."

Amazon Prime has the short (Selznick) version on instant video for free.

and Stazione Termini on YouTube
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