The Paso Doble
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The Paso Doble is an eerie little puzzle game, something like a De Chirico painting come to life.
Oh yeah, a new Mersenne prime was discovered today by a 20-yr old.
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(will i ever beat joseph devincentis?!)
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Wow, that's fun!
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Yes, but to be fair, it was his computer that discovered it, as part of a distributed computing project. Methinks the credit goes more to George Woltman, creator of Gimps. Not to poo-poo, it's all very cool. I'm still waiting for the day I get to name my first SETI alien. I think I'll call it Arthur.
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Am I really missing something, or are some of these levels not actually solvable? I must be missing some key fact or option beyond just walking two steps in some straight line...

Working backwards from the X on level 1 (small), I get into a loop- there's only one square from which you can get to the X, one and only one square from there, one and only one square from there, and one and only one square that's gets to THAT square- and this square is only reachable from the square that came before and no others. This seems to make a set of 5 squares, each two apart, which aren't reachable outside their own internal grid. You don't start on this grid, ergo... it's like (the second time I've used this analogy in two days) trying to make your black-square bishop get to the white squares by only using approved diagonal bishop moves- it can't be done without violating the rules of chess-piece movement. There may be higher levels of paso doble that are solvable, but if level 1 (small) isn't, then wtf?
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The first one is solvable.
Unless they're random and you got a crappy one, but I've done it twice and I'm pretty sure I got the same one.
Sorry, but I suck at articulating semi-complex spatial concepts in words otherwise I'd tell you how.
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I can solve level 1, so it is solvable. I was just randomly walking around tho.
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Now I get it... yep, it's solvable, and easily so. I gave up too soon because I (shame of shame) counted wrong. :) I don't know, though, if there is some way of ensuring a level is solvable if they are computer generated...
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the trick is in the triple corners (where x,y and z planes meet) [what's the real name of them?], they let you change from "white" to "black" squares
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what's the real name of them


"what's their real name", sorry. That's what I get for thinking in Spanish and writing in English.
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I don't know, though, if there is some way of ensuring a level is solvable if they are computer generated...

There should be -- just write a routine so that the "X" is placed according to certain parameters -- the tiling might be completely random, but the "X" must be in a solvable location (assuming you can write a function that does that, but, knowing the rules, it shouldn't be all that hard). If "X" cannot be placed, throw out the tiles and generate a new one.
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Or, start with one tile, with the X on it. Attach two tiles to it, in a random direction. Either turn 90 degrees or stay facing straight, and then add two more tiles. Repeat. Allow for the occasional switch in x/y/z axis. Keep going until you've covered N% of the space available, add a few more bogus tiles to throw the user off, and you're set.
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I want to dance with you, your way.
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lots o' fun. not quite as good as the reflections game from a previous post. better than average though.

very similar to a fantastic playstation game from a couple of years ago. Kula World. In which you are a beach ball within the same kind of environment.

it wasn't very successful, but if you can find a copy be sure to check it out.
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