Focusing on the process
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Tiger in a Jar is a film production company run by husband and wife team Matt and Julie Walker, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their work is inspired by everyday life and the joy found in simple but meaningful activities.

The moments where our minds are freed from overwhelming concerns or to-do lists, where we can observe little details and interesting connections between what we see – that is when we discover the ideas we eventually end up sharing in our films. We try to capture the feeling of these moments so when someone is done watching a film they are inspired to see the world a little differently. - interview
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Okay, I'm totally making that stick twist bread next weekend. Also raspberry tarts.
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Yeah this is pretty good stuff.

A rare example of how to do shallow DOF, untraditional framing, non-corrective grading and short cut editing properly.

It's artful without being outré and clever without being precious, and it works.
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I expected to hate these, but they're wonderful.
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