Four paws off the ground
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Slow motion HD Vimeo video of five cheetahs in the Cincinnati zoo. Music is New Seeds from Tomorrow's Harvest by Boards of Canada; video footage by Nat Geo.

From 1878: Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, where Eadweard Muybridge took 24 photographs in rapid succession of a horse in motion.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: I could watch this all day, but it's also a double. -- LobsterMitten

Spoiler alert: Koosh ball prey successfully outpaces its predator.

I can only imagine the kitty thinking, "WTF HOW IS THIS THING FASTER THAN ME DOESN'T IT KNOW I AM CHEETAH?"
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What's striking tome is how little the cheetah's head moves, how steady it is. The rest of his body is in motion, but his head is steady as a rock.
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The legs and paws and core and head are, like, terrifyingly brilliantly choreographed, or whatever the word is. Is that five different cheetahs? They must be quintuplets.
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Now that's a forefoot strike.

(Why yes, I am heading out the door for my morning run, inspired.)
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According to the top left timer, the first 1m 50s of the video consists of less than 2 seconds of real time footage. Or, it's slowed down to roughly 1/60 of the real speed. Am trying to get my head around the seeming impossibility, how quickly the cheetah runs, of this.
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he almost gets the koosh, and his face is all 'YOU'RE MINE NOW'.

also cheetahs are pretty lanky dudes.
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I found the left-right-right-left (clockwise, viewed from above) foot strike pattern interesting. I wonder if all cheetahs exhibit this pattern or if some are "lefties."
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There are a few additional "making of" footage moments in the clip from the previous thread.
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