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Olek is a crochet artist that is furiously crocheting anything that enters or leaves her life. She's crocheted the Wall Street Bull, a Pedi Cab Rickshaw(piloted by an acrobat), a billboard, text messages, automobiles, bikes, shopping carts, and people. When she's not crocheting the streets she is probably weaving her next art exhibit. This woman has made crocheting her life.
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I find her work fascinatingly unsettling, especially anything with people. It looks like Pompeii if you'd stuffed Mount Vesuvius with Red Heart.
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This brings up all kinds of questions-- what kind of yarn does she use? Which crochet stitches? etc. (Wait, does that make me a crochet nerd?) Anyway, fascinating post!
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I checked the previously link because I had a bad taste in my mouth about Olek but couldn't remember why, and found my own post from two years ago:

"Olek gave some pretty douchey comments in the recent NYTimes yarn bombing piece. Basically only her yarn art is art. Others are just crafts. It was a little off putting."

Yeah, it's still off putting. Join Ravelry for free and take a look around at lots of other truly wonderful textile art going down all around the world.
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Basically only her yarn art is art.

Yes, this exactly. While clicking around the links in the FPP, I found this quote from her on her Wikipedia entry, which elicited an intense, immediate dislike:

"Lots of people have aunts or grandmas who paint. Do you want to see that work in the galleries? No."

I'm a photographer and a folk art painter, and while I understand the need for self-confidence and self-promotion, this level of hubris -- the kind that brings others down to raise yourself up -- is just completely distasteful to me. It usually makes me much less interested in that person's art.
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She's really obnoxious with the self-promotion, but she does manage to get her message out sufficiently that her work is usually not mislabeled as knit. So that's something.

This brings up all kinds of questions-- what kind of yarn does she use? Which crochet stitches? etc.

I believe it's pretty much all Red Heart Super Saver, and all double crochet stitch. I enjoy her work but wish she'd branch out a bit and maybe realize that other crocheters could have something to teach her, too.
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I documented one of her works in São Paulo: Jacaré ("alligator"). Images here. [scroll horizontally to view all]
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I met her randomly one time and found her rather insufferable. This was before I realized who exactly she was, FWIW.
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