Light, Reflection, and Shadow
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Diet Wiegman takes using light and darkness to a new level in his sculptures. What may, at first, seem like an abstract composition, often made of mundane recycled items, reveals its amazing secrets when a light is applied. [via]
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what what what? How on earth do those shadows emerge from those objects?

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Mac Adams is the grandfather of this technique... at least in contemporary art. More interesting than those he influenced, imo.
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Those are great. Curious about the artist's technique.

I'd also like to know more about the artist's choice of subject. I suppose he needs iconic imagery to generate the shock of recognition, but I can't shake the feeling that that was the easy choice (nor the feeling that these pieces are cousins of polished dremel and driftwood venus de milos).

Those simple shapes in the photos numbered 24 - 28 under the "Diet Wegman" link work better for me than the pop or art cultural images and I think that's because there's still the shock of recognition, but I'm left with a little more room to roam around and find an interpretation.
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