"We each have our own stories. This is mine, a season with the sheep."
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Also of interest - BBC program Wild Shepherdess, where Kate Humble meets some traditional shepherds in the Wakhan Corridor of eastern Afghanistan.
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This is mine, a season with the sheep."

I'm so glad this wasn't a case of I am in love with a sheep.
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Thanks for this up until now my only knowledge base regarding sheep guardian dogs came from this.
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Sesame Street addressed the sheepdog situation with Hard Working Dog. Some Welshmen teamed up with Samsung for an Extreme Sheep Herding event. Animal behaviorist Patricia McConnell trains Border Collies in competitive sheep herding for fun. Me? I'm just happy that my Border Collie mutt has stopped pestering my neighbors' cattle and goats.

I'll admit that I giggled a little at TFA's opening line: "The land outside my door is a land of contrasts." I mean, she started with the classic conclusion!
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