BS 2000, the merging of punk rock, hip-hop, and a bunch of keyboards.
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BS 2000 was the short-time collaboration between Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz of the Beastie Boys, and Amery "AWOL" Smith, best known as a punk drummer. They released a couple albums on the now-defunct Grand Royal label. They toured live, performing with the keyboards, drums and vocals (YouTube) that was the sound of punk rock and hip-hop combined into something funky and weird (Grooveshark stream). Bestie Mania has more on the band. Oh, and Adam and Amery shared their record collection on WFMU back in the day, so the show is only available in Real Media.
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I loved the BS 2000 album when it came out. I tried to play it for several of my friends on my dorm floor who were into the Beastie Boys, and nobody seemed to get it. Their loss, I guess.
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I was reminded of BS 2000 after hearing this mashup of an instrumental BS song with Ronnie Voice & DJ blesOne (of Mash Hall, I think)
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The (wonderful) soundtrack for Jet Set Radio Future is what introduced me to BS 2000; the Latch Brothers' (which was Mike D's project, to make the Beastie Boys' theme recursive; I think they composed original songs for JSRF, as well) remix of The Scrappy was featured in the game. I was into this kind of music at the time, so I looked for more and really enjoyed the one album, which I now associate with stuff like Citizen King's Mobile Estates in a little mental box of "amazing hip-hop/pop/rock that no one else liked and no one remembers now."
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I was unfamiliar with this.

Thank you thank you thank you.
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Love this album and it made a good seed for a playlist on
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Nobody beats BS200. Can't do it.
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I love how frequently they sampled childrens' voices. BUBBLES bubbles BUBBLES bubbles....
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Here's the Jet Set Radio Future playlist on Grooveshark, and the list of songs and artists on Wikipedia, as Grooveshark has issues with compilations and artist names.
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Oh, and here's Citizen King's Mobile Estates on Grooveshark. That's a slice of 1990s radio right there. As the critical AllMusic review notes, it's like Beck, Sublime and Sugar Ray, and even feels like Cake, but it's not so bad as AllMusic paints it. Original? Not really. Fun 90s party music? Sure!
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