Science-themed radio plays available for free streaming
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Some of the plays are about the lives of scientists, such as Richard Feynman (Moving Bodies), Alan Turing (Breaking the Code), Galileo (The Life of Galileo), and Rosalind Franklin (Photograph 51).

Other plays are influenced by science and explore different themes or ideas, such as Proof or Tom Stoppard's Arcadia.

The entire collection of ~20 plays are found here.
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Oh, I hope they make these available in print - would be a great idea for a STEM/Arts mix at our school!
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Welp... my Audible subscription is going on suspension while I work my way through these.

Thanks Wolfster!

BTW, the Scopes Monkey Trial play stars Q/Discord.
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I always wanted to see Doctor Atomic, an opera about Robert Oppenheimer & the Manhattan Project.
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Doctor Atomic is great - there's a DVD or HD stream of the Met production available for rent/purchase at the Met's site... but I also believe a recording of the Peter Sellars production exists, too. It would make a nice double bill with the recording of Copenhagen in this collection. (The BBC production of Copenhagen, featuring Daniel Craig as Heisenberg is pretty fun too.)
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These are great but LA Theatre Works really needs to do a better job with the credits on each entry - many of them don't list the playwright, and presumably each recording was directed by someone too...
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Fixed the credits and updated the players to HTML5-compatible. Carry on.
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Copenhagen! I did a staged reading of that in college.
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