Q. Why are ducks hard to understand? A. It's because they're on quack.
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A duck has an adventure, a story game. (requires Flash)

1. Once you complete one route, it might not actually be entirely complete. When you explore another route, it's possible for it to join with the old one and make new paths available. Use the Zoom Out option to find new unexplored branches.

2. Quack.
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Hive of villainy and KITTENS.
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with hats.
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Now, this is my idea of fun :)
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I love the headline joke so much. And the duck duck goose joke. But we shouldn't forget how sinister those little guys are.
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Love this.
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Ms. Gin & Comics says it's because they have a quackcent.
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Scott McCloud would approve.
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Metafilter is all llama llama duck today.
(I like it.)
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Holy crap do I like this.
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(I can't take credit for the tags, I got the idea from not_on_display)
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The achievements were ok. The hats were awesome. Now I understand why everyone plays TF2. Because Hats.
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The visual style is lovely and the branching narrative is very pleasing. But I'm a bit bummed about the values it seems to be transmitting through the narrative.
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I'm confused, which values are those?
posted by JHarris at 12:17 PM on July 4, 2013

I'm not sure you can call this a game. As visions go, I'd have to say this was closer to Scott McCloud's than, say, Shigeru Miyamoto's.
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It's not a game, strictly speaking, and sometimes I make this very distinction. But the definition is somewhat pedantic. Just calling it a game is close enough to people's conceptions of what a computer game is to pass. I try to be practical about this.
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I Are Cute Duckling AWW
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