RIP: Randy Udall
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Randy Udall was the son the late Mo Udall brother of Colorado Senator Mark Udall and cousin of New Mexico Senator Tom Udall. He died of natural causes while hiking to Titcomb Basin in Wyoming.

His body was recovered Wednesday July 3 by search crews who had been searching after he failed to return from his solo hiking trip. It has been reported that Randy spent much of his free time hiking and camping in the Wind River Mountains. Titcomb Basin is located high in the Wind River Mountain range in Wyoming. Trails rise to over 10,000 feet above sea level into a granite alpine landscape carved out by glaciers. Backpacker Magazine called the trail one of North America's most memorable hikes. A video taken almost a year ago from one of the routes to Titcomb Basin should give one some sense of amazing landscape where he had his final moments.
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Died happy, I imagine. I would take that.
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My heart goes out to the Udall family even as I admit how envious I am of their family history of civility and passion for just causes. I am confident that they will endure this loss with the aplomb that the entire family has shown in every aspect of public life and I hope that knowing what a leader and model he was and is helps to ease the pain of their loss.

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Some amazing country there. A heart attack there is far better than the same heart attack in any kitchen in America.

I have this recurring dream lately - and its that I die at my desk at work.

When I was younger and dumber and at boot camp at MCRD in San Diego - out on the island- ... Long story short, I got kicked out. While I waited in limbo for the machine to decide what to with me - and it took months - I often thought of the AA and Delta planes flying overhead as being packed full of suckers who found the secret way out.

Dying on a mountainside.... Yeah. Same thing.
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In the 80s, Randy Udall covered the Sanctuary movement for the Tucson Citizen. I couldn't find any of his articles online, but while searching, I found this anecdote:
[Sanctuary volunteer Carla Ewald Pedersen] drove refugees from the border and helped set up other runs. She writes about borrowing a car from Randy Udall, son of Rep. Morris K. Udall, D-Ariz., for a couple of runs. A Sanctuary worker slapped an "I love Reagan" bumper sticker on Udall's Datsun B-210 as camouflage. Randy Udall's father was puzzled when he saw that.
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The Udalls are good people.

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Hard on his family but does seem like an awfully good place and way to go.

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Seems like he was a good guy. There're worse places to go out though than in the midst of beautiful scenery. Condolences to his loved ones.

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