Hang On, I Turned Into Two Ugly Guys And A Dog
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Splitsider presents - The Top Eleven Sketch Comedy Groups On The Internet, featuring many Metafilter favorites.

BriTANick - Captain Hippo- Elephant Larry - Paulilu - WOMEN - The Bilderbergers - Bobby Chicago - 5 Second Films - Scraps - The Midnight Show - Medium Friends
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My favorite 5 Second Films short is Another Monday, which in 5 seconds and a title tells a story, like that five-word Hemmingway story only funny.
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They never see Leonard Maltin coming.
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I really like the BriTANick ones, I'd seen one before but never knew the group.
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No Loading Ready Run or Waverly Films?
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Some of the College Humor kids used to be pretty good.
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The best internet sketch comedy groups ever to come exclusively out of UCB!
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I don't usually like to nitpick these lists, but shouldn't the guys who do Kid Snippets be on it?
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The first one, BriTANick, is great but also frustrating because it the actors from Next Time on Lonnie, which has been promising a second season for waaaay too long. These guys need to get back to work.
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5 Second Films plus everyone from UCB hurrah! (not that UCB isn't great just...there are other theaters & there has to be good stuff coming from those right?)
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This is a shit list without the 1491s.
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Two Austin-based sketch groups that consistently crack my ass up are Stag Comedy and Your Terrific Neighbors, both totally worth checking out. (Full disclosure: I am friendly though awkward acquaintances with people in both those groups.)
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Thanks! This list was too heavily dominated by LA and N.Y. comedy troupes. Just like the rest of show business, I guess.
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Oh hey, Elephant Larry are still around? I should bug Stefan some day, especially since I doubt he remembers me. Sadly, I don't still have his DiCK shirt.
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