And that's a wrap.
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Sam Javanrouh's Toronto-centric photoblog Daily Dose of Imagery (previously 1, 2) called it a day on Friday after a highly-acclaimed 10 year run.

Javanrouh will, however, continue to post photos to his blog and tumblr, and the DDOI photos have been archived on Flickr.
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i started reading DDOI in 2004 or '05 on accident... i was looking for a desktop wallpaper and came across one of sam's images. i fell down the rabbithole and went through the entirety of his blog in one day at that time; it was deeply moving and influential. his pictures of cities and the people within (and sometimes without) were stunning and i hadn't seen anything like it at that time.

...still are. they taught me to look at my own city in a different way and a different light (literally and figuratively).

i wish him all the best and am already slightly worried for my own productivity--at least for today-- because i know that i'll go through his whole archive one more time. :)

thanks for posting, card cheat.

i don't know if there are still many great photo-centric blogs out there (and not just the tumblr/pinterest photodumps that are so popular nowadays); would love it if someone else chimed in w/ suggestions.
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As someone who gets bored of his blogging projects after a couple of weeks/months, I find it to be a damn good achievement to blog every day for ten years. Just subscribed to the tumblr and looking forward to be amazed.
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*sadly deletes bookmark*
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These were my desktop backgrounds for a couple of years. Javanrouh does good work.
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