1.5 years of Toronto Street Style
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Daniel Goodbaum is dadaDan and makes "street style" videos of interestingly-dressed men and women on the streets of Toronto. The videos make great use of music and often have intro and outro 'cutscenes' that showcase Toronto's graffiti. Earlier this year he made a special "50th Street Style" video that is totally gorgeous. There are now 66 of them and counting. They are addictive.

Daniel Goodbaum previously.
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Very fun. I like to play a game called "how old is this person?" in which I guess the age of the person. My guesses change as the camera pans upwards, and sometimes I am genuinely surprised.
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I was actually playing "Do I know the person"? There were a couple of times where I thought "Oh, that's definitely Lindy," or "That has to be Derek," only for the camera to pan up and reveal someone completely different. I guess the scene is bigger than you think after all. I did recognize Tom from Tom's of Kensington.
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I typically pay little attention to street style blogs but saw that one of these videos featured my friend Kelli and then scrolled down more and saw a video of my favourite busker in the city, the one I've only happened to run into once, late at night outside the Shoppers at Queen and Bathurst, where I stood drunk and mesmerized as he played Comfortably Numb on the bassoon. So glad I know who he is now.
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Definitely Tom Mihalik in #52.
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Wow, these are fantastic. Thank you so much for posting this.
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These are awesome videos, but why the hell haven't I run across Jeff Burke (avocet's favourite busker) before? Bassoon AND theremin? Be still, my heart.


Old blogTO feature

Performing on local cable

Baba O'Riley
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saw a video of my favourite busker in the city

No video series of the Toronto I know would be complete without including Jeff Burke.
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I love how many of the subjects look terrified the be filmed from foot to head. I probably would too.
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the electroacoustic bassoon dude is awesome
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