Heavily Distorted
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Content Aware Scaling is a Photoshop technique which allows you to selectively change the scale of one portion of an image without affecting the rest of it. This technique can be used on still images (like so) to create insanely proportioned compositions, or on moving images to create shifting, disorienting, and often hilarious animated .gifs (like so, and also). Digital artist Neil Cicierega provides a tutorial and a Photoshop script to do this yourself.

Some other examples... Related: a technical article that goes over the technical process of seam carving as it relates to content aware scaling. A still image gallery of celebrity content aware scaled faces.
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Whoa. You could really mess with someone if you set up subtle gifs on a page so that the viewer thought that the gifs were still images, and that they were just losing it.
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Man is this going to be a sex thing.
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Man is this going to be a sex thing.

Already is.
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that is disturbing and i am disturbed
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Neil Cicierega, of BRODYQUEST fame.
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Aha. I always wondered why the cheap clothing catalogs from Asia always have models with unrealistically long legs. I give to you: exhibit A
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It kind of blows my mind that I've been enjoying Neil Cicierega's animutations and other crazy internet goings-on for 13 years now (since around 2000-2001), and the guy is still only 26 years old. That's so ridiculously young.
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Oh man, that Paula Deen one reminds me of a bunch of the stuff the Residents have been doing with video. Kinda like the interstitials on the Icky Flix DVD.
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Suddenly overcome with Kai's Power Tool nostalgia.
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Neil Cicierega of animutation, The Ultimate Showdown, Potter Puppet Pals, and Windows 95 Tips fame.

The dude practically created Internet culture singlehandedly. I've been a fanboy since I was literally in the 6th grade; he's been a central cultural icon for my group of friends since forever.
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I wonder if Adobe developed this feature with the knowledge that they were building an automatic Spitting Image-ifier, or was it just a lucky coincidence?
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Is anyone using this to prove the existence of reptilians yet?
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Close, maybe?
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Kai's Power Goo is back!
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We visited Japan recently, and my kid took some Print Club pictures with his friends in Tokyo. (Game arcades have these machines that are sort of like the old snapshot booths that would give you four B/W poses of you and however many people you could fit into a booth built for two. But in Japan, the machines produce a sheet of adhesive sticker photos.)
The Japanese machines automatically find and enlarge eyes, smooth skin, and put pink gloss on lips (in addition to adding stars, rainbows, hearts and typed messages). The effects are pretty good for an automatic tweak, given the small final size and modest resolution.
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So, it's a way to make people look like Gollum. It's a Gollumifier.
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There're also Youtubes, which I didn't check before making the thread:
Wicker Man
American Psycho
The Office (marvel as Steve Carrell becomes Mitt Romney in the second iteration)
Star Trek II
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That's a fascinating effect... Anybody know how to achieve something similar using Pixlr?
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Doesn't create the most attractive image I've ever seen. Still, be good in wedding photography - Whadya you mean the groom's head doesn't look like that? Lady, I shoot is as I sees it,
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Thorzdad: Man is this going to be a sex thing.

Already is.
Started out with idiots who would distort asses or breasts (often on selfies) so cluelessly that they didn't notice the warpage on doorframes and tile patterns behind them.

Nowadays these idiots make sure they're standing in front of a white wall, or blue sky, or the like before doing their 10-second photoboob surgery (or search for photos like that). It's still pretty damned obvious; there simply aren't that many 42DD-22-48 women out there.
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We implemented this in my undergrad computer graphics class! Surprisingly trivial.
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This is fairly amazing. I'm glad that the internet's existence has made whimsical photo manipulation mainstream comedy.
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Some of the animated gifs introduce other artifacts I find interesting. Some have an up-and-down jitter that I think is an exaggeration of the TV interlacing. I think some used an animated gif as the source, the Pooh ones for example, and you can see it interpreting the dithering as detail that must be preserved.

Another fun thing, the last link with the celebrity faces, wherever their skin has been airbrushed smooth, that means it has no detail and it gets squished.
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