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For all those times you spent bored under the merchandise sign at an urban jazz festival, sweating, wrapping your head in striped garments, ripping the soles off your shoes in a primal fury, this man would like to dance for you.
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I wanna see that guy street fight Techno Viking.
Probably be over rather quickly, but a nonetheless ULTIMATELY GLORIOUS SPECTACLE.
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When I was a kid going to punk rock shows at a shitty all-ages club, there was always this older guy who showed up to just wig out and dance his ass off. I have much respect for the people who feel music that deeply.
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I hope I will at his age still be going out and enjoying myself and music that much.
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“Dance like nobody’s watching.” How many people do that? I know I sure don’t. Not ever. But the thing is…if there ever comes a day when the thing inside me that keeps me from that level of not give a fuck finally crumbles and blows away, I would rather not have it filmed and put on the internet. But maybe when you reach that level of not give a fuck you don’t care about being on the internet either.
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Mod note: Let me put it this way, it's up to you guys whether this post is an opportunity for celebration or for ridicule. Ridicule doesn't seem to be the popular option.
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Oh come on. This is so obviously pieced together from bits of choreography by Paula Abdul, Merce Cunningham and Pee Wee Herman. Let's see some ORIGINAL moves, old dude!
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I hate hate hate going to a show where everyone is just standing around, while musicians pour their hearts into their music. Dance like nobody's watching? Nah, dance like you love the music and you want to do more than clap for the band when their set is over. I have no one to impress.
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He picks up on the tempo changes almost immediately, that's pretty impressive.

Aaaand, pole dance.
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Long ago in a former lifetime I once attended a David Byrne concert during which I consumed certain organic substances. It was a bit tough at first but suddenly, maybe three songs into the set I found myself unable to control the urge to dance, especially as Byrne was then touring with an outstanding South American rhythm section. I'm normally a pretty rhythm-impaired person, but those tunes took over and animated my body while I got to just basically enjoy the ride. My partner made sure I was safe in my own space so I could move as I needed to and basically the rest of the concert flowed through me like a current.

Afterward I had several friends tell me, "wow, you were really into the show! Wish I could dance like that." Never told them where my moves came from, and I've never had that experience since although I've often wished I could. I've come close a few times but never with quite that power.

Being actually transported by music, however you reach that point, is magic, real magic between musician and listener. It is not to be mocked or dismissed. If you can experience it just a few times in your life you're lucky. I know folks who have never surrendered themselves completely to music.

This guy understands.
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I'd like to note that it's possible to be "transported" with only music, though if you're the first one to start dancing, people might ask you for drugs. I speak from multiple such experiences.

The key thing is letting go of inhibitions, which can be hard if you're in a crowded space, or in a theater where the seats are bolted to the floor because the shows are normally not electronic dance stuff like Moby and Hybrid (seriously, why were they be booked to play here?)
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Personally I find the dancers in the background to be much more interesting. I had/have no idea how anyone dances to jazz. It looks like the answer is some vague steps and skirt twirling. How anyone picks up the rhythm is a mystery but a mystery that this guy appears to have solved.
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