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The future of discusses their plan to change their focus from front-end web development to software engineering.
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I’ve got mixed feelings. I learned a lot from Builder over several years when I was first getting started in the industry, but the site hasn’t been that good for a year or two. (Webmonkey has gone through a similar—though not as severe—decline in quality, and I suppose ZDNEt’s Developer will be changing since CNN recently bought ZDNet.) Is there really no place for a front-end development resource? Thank god for A List Apart.

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posted by kirkaracha at 11:15 PM on December 8, 2001

Will the last professional Web designer please switch off the lights? Thanks.
posted by jjg at 11:38 PM on December 8, 2001

lol. That letter really rubs me the wrong way for some reason. It seems a bit stand-offish and insulting. CNET taking the high-road. Pluese! (questioning my professionalism as I type)
posted by brian at 5:07 AM on December 9, 2001

Wow, I'm curious what world c|net is living in. The idea that everyone is doing things via Dreamweaver or Frontpage for HTML is rather off; suggesting that everyone who used to handcode is now doing backend development is also off.

It's disappointing, because smaller publications like ALA are still putting out issues on relevant topics for web designers and developers. Maybe Macromedia and Microsoft are bankrolling c|net. "Guys! No one should handcode anymore! They can use FP Extensions!"

Also, nice catch on the declining quality of webmonkey, kirkaracha. Most of the webmonkey articles I point my web design students to are the olden ones.
posted by hijinx at 7:21 AM on December 9, 2001

i never really felt builder was that much of a valaable resource, but i sure remember how webmonkey used to hold it down. i know more than a few (including myself) people who picked up their l33t css skills through mulder's tutorial. i'll have to agree that i don't go there nearly as often as i used to, due to the lack of articles i'd be interested in. ALA is still going strong though, albeit not updating every week. the independent handcoder refuses to die.
posted by lotsofno at 9:08 AM on December 9, 2001

there's still
posted by gwint at 9:12 AM on December 9, 2001

Webmonkey, yesterday's content today!
posted by Mick at 9:57 AM on December 9, 2001

You guys sure know how to depress a late bloomer, a Junior trying to get a BS in Web App Dev...! Thanks jjg
posted by carolinagrl at 10:37 PM on December 9, 2001

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