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Mcsweeny's is back to normal, rather abruptly. Okay, I give; what was supposed to be funny about this whole thing, anyway?
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say what you like about the lame prank w/ the MMs, news of the new mcsweeneys imprint is quite remarkable. listen up, napster fans -- down w/ bloated industry, up with fair compensation for artists!
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I have to agree there, assuming their online-only distribution model works. Authors and publishers sure could use a new outlet beyond the megastores. Barnes and Noble has a policy of charging the publisher for stolen books, or even for those just miskeyed; it has driven some smaller magazines I read right out of B&N (I don't know what the policy was before).
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Can someone point me to a McSweeny's article that is funny? I know they exist, but some pointers would be helpful...
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Hey, did anyone notice that mcsweeney's is back to normal?
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If you're tired of McSweeney's, try McSweeney's. Or even McSweeney's.

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There's this site I found called "The Onion" (click here to read "The Onion"). It looks pretty professional-- satire of news stories and an "av club" with comics, movie music & book reviews, etc. You ought to check it out.

PS Has anyone seen this end of the internet thing?
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i like cats.
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I'm sorry... I was looking for the obscure referential humor room... this is the sarcasm-disguised-as-irony room, isn't it?
If you think The Onion is the cat's pajamas, just you wait for "NEWSLEEK", coming soon to a foop near you.
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I'd like to have an argument, please.

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Would you settle for a dead parrot, a lumberjack, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, silly walks and spam?
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here Wendell, you could've said something about: McSweeney vs. mcs weenie: in your thingy. The effects of Guinness on MeFi posts (as the acronym we now can come to love.)
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No, I'm sorry, the "Creep Wendell Out" Room is over here
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