Transit Activity Data Visualizations - Now With Muzak!!
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STLTransit: A YouTube channel presenting visualizations of transit activity in various cities.
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I see my commute on the SoCal one. I love how the Coaster/MetroLink/Surfliner trains are solitary lights cruising up and down the coast between San Diego and OC/LA counties.
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They even have Thunder Bay! (That might be the best one, too.)
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Brings back memories.
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It is easy to pick out the #20 bus on this visualization of Portland's TriMet, as it is one of the first 'dots' and is traveling east/west in on Burnside which marks the north/south divide of the city. Also, I've lived here long enough to recognize the bus routes I don't usually take, just from knowing our bus route maps.
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I was pretty amused to see how easy it was to pick out the 78 and the 5 on the SoCal transit one (but where the heck was the 15? I know NCTD goes down it, even if less so than the 5). Also LA was astoundingly busy even at 3am--I don't miss that traffic although there's plenty in this area, too.

Madrid is a huge contrast to the West Coast US cities. I remember the utility of the awesome buses, the Metro lines, the búho (night) buses, and seeing all that lit up is fun.
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